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Burrito!!!!! Great start to the week!

Pub lunch!!!!

I love a good bath every now and then #bath #soap #bubbles

#bubbles  #soap  #bath  

Today’s lunch #foodporn #instafood

'Pudding' - C. Jeffries - 2014

White water rafting - Lee Valley Olympic Park

Yes please #tattoos #inked

#tattoos  #inked  

Richmond is so purdy

This is what life is all about #foodporn #instafood

British Airways menu design #graphicdesign #illustration #menu

British Airways menu design #graphicdesign #illustration #menu

Boundary Cafe - Build by Multiple Owners
We were approached to design a new exciting cafe in Waterloo, London. It started out as a shell and over a few months was transformed by our designers and workshop team into a thing of beauty. With custom handmade counters, cushions, chairs and even the light fittings, we had our work cut out. What we set out to achieve was to provide an atmosphere where office meetings could take place without all the clutter but above all, a place of wit, merriment and excitement.

Beautiful menu designs for St. Pancras, London

Hannah Pixie Snowdon is quite possibly the most beautiful woman ever to walk this good earth black-stabbath

Back up to London today after a week off work. I don’t wanna go back 😔